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List of Best Primer for New Drywall You Can Buy In 2023 – 2024 [Updated in July]

Dry as a bone, recently installed drywall is a receptacle for pricey paint. For professional painting, it could also be challenging to drag a paintbrush or roller across the surface. But best drywall primers can close those pores and make it easier for equipment to move across the surface, giving the end product a nicer appearance. Purchasing high-quality primer that will seal and fill minor gaps and pores and produce a consistent surface for paint is equally as vital as priming new drywall. However, how might a consumer know what to seek for in the best primer for new drywall? To learn more, keep reading.

Types of Primers for Drywall?

There are many different types of best primers for drywall, and each serves a different purpose. While it’s true that all primers for drywall go on before you paint your walls, there are some differences in how well they work, what kind of surface they’re most effective on, and how long they last.

Here are some of the most common primers for drywall:

-Oil-based primers: These are great for painted surfaces or unfinished wood because they hold up well against moisture and other elements. They tend to be more expensive than water-based primers, but they can also last longer if used properly.

-Water-based primers: These are good for almost any type of surface, including unpainted concrete or metal. They’re less expensive than oil-based primers, but they may require more coats to achieve the same level of protection as an oil-based primer would provide with fewer coats applied over time.

Because it only seals the surface, drywall primer sealer doesn’t need any additional preparation—you just slap it on and go.

Bonding Primer: Bonding primer works by chemically bonding with the substrate (the surface underneath) so that any paint or stain you put on top will stick better than if there were no bonding agent involved at all.

Best Primer for Drywall in 2023!

Did you know new drywall can be a prime target for mold growth? Many things need to be considered when priming drywall before painting.

But with the 4 best primers for new drywall, we’ve listed below, you’ll be sure to make an informed decision when choosing the right primer for you.

1. Benjamin Moore Fresh Start Drywall Primer

Environmentally friendly

Easy to apply and fast drying

Suitable for all interior drywall surfaces

2. Zinsser Drywall Primer

Brings out the true color of the paint

Removes old paint, grease and dirt from the walls

3. Glidden PVA Drywall Primer

Great value for money

Can be applied with a brush or roller

4. KILZ Adhesion High Bonding Latex Primer

Best for latex paints or oil-based paints on non-porous surfaces like vinyl or concrete (polyurethane).

Does not have to be sanded after application which makes it easy to use and saves time too!


If you’re after the best primer for new  drywall  on the market today, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve constructed this list of top-rated primers based on their ratings and reviews, as well as their popularity among consumers. In truth, though, every one of these primers is better than no primer at all. So don’t hesitate to buy any of these products; just be sure to apply them properly.


Q. Do I Need to Apply Drywall Primer before Painting?

Yes. Drywall primer is essential to the health and longevity of your drywall primer paint job.

Drywall primer helps protect your drywall from moisture, which can lead to mold and mildew growth. It also prevents future damage from water leaks and other sources of moisture.

Q. How long does it take for Primer to Dry?

Primer can dry in as little as 15 minutes, depending on the weather and environmental conditions.

If you’re in an area with a lot of humidity or moisture, it can take longer for the primer to dry. You’ll also need to wait longer if you’ve applied your primer over wet paint or another layer of primer.

Q. How many Coats of Drywall Primer do I Need?

You’ll need to apply at least two coats of drywall primer, but you can apply as many as five. To get the most out of your primer and ensure that it covers all your walls, we recommend that you apply three coats. It’s important to allow each coat of primer to dry completely before applying another coat. If you don’t wait long enough between coats, you may end up with a textured finish on your walls.

Q. Can I Tint Drywall Primer?

Yes, you can tint drywall primer. However, it is important to note that the primer is not intended for tinting. The tinting process can cause the primer to become brittle and crack when the paint or stain is applied over it.

Q. Are there any Differences between Drywall Primer and Paint Primer?

Yes, there are a few differences between drywall primer and paint primer:

1. Drywall Primer is Usually white or Gray and has a flat finish, while paint primer is usually in the same color family as your actual paint.

2. Drywall primers are designed to stick better to drywall than paint primers.

3. Drywall primer is more durable than paint primer.

4. Drywall primer is usually thicker than paint primer, though this isn’t always true.

Q. Can I use Drywall Primer on Wood?

Yes, you can use drywall primer on wood. You just need to make sure that your wood is clean and free of any dirt or dust before you apply the primer.


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