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Romantic Flowers Bouquet Ideas 

Being in love is iconic, and bringing back the romance in your life could be better than flowers. Sometimes going back to the simple, classic and lovely flowers are the best. Flowers have been a symbol of love, passion, care and gratitude for ages now making them a great pick. No matter if it is a special day or an ordinary one, flowers will always add their own charm to your life. Coming to romantic flowers there is a huge variety especially when it comes to flower shops in Fairfax va where you can find flowers from regular ones to exotic kind. 

For a fresh and unique romantic bouquet, here’s what you should get


Beginning with the universal symbol of love, roses and specifically the red one. Red roses are just a forever classic. From classic novels to pop films, red rose references are everywhere. Roses mean more than just love and they look undoubtedly gorgeous.  For a unique rose bouquet you can go all out with 50 Roses or more make sure to add a bed of green fillers around it. 

Asiatic Lilies

Another promising flower is known for its petals and extraordinary color combinations. Asiatic lilies are a pleasant surprise for anyone, apart from being romantic they express good wishes, beauty and purity. For a sweet yet breathtaking flower arrangement why not mix roses and lilies together? For this, you can pick pretty color combinations like red roses with purple lilies, or pink roses with orange lilies. 


Another elegant flower, which is a little under-rated, Hydrangeas are interesting flowers. They don’t look anything like a typical flower that is what makes them so unique. These fluffy, fun flowers are a cluster of a bunch of tiny flowers. They are known for their soft pastel shades like purple, pink,and blue.  Apart from the usual flowers in Fairfax, VA you must check out these ones. 


A popular pick, lavender are these gorgeous flowers that belong to the shrub family. You would see them growing during spring and summer. To create a bouquet with these you can either go with just a bunch of stems tied with a ribbon or organized in a flower box at Greensleeves florist.  Lavenders also make premium filler flowers, and they merge well with the other flowers. Since the color of lavender is so attractive you can go with contrasting colors like yellow or something that will let the flower shine like white. 


Talking of filler flowers, you cannot miss out on Alstroemeria. Florists everywhere including florists in Arlington, VA  love adding these simple yet charming flowers to bouquets. You can always go with just these but since they are a little small in size you can go with a colorful assorted flower arrangement organized in a tall vase. Colorful flowers always bring a smile to your face and so does being in love. With these flowers you can remind them of the happiness they bring to you. 

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If you are someone who loves something out there and bright, well sunflowers are exactly what you need and you can get them with flower delivery in Vienna, VA.  Sunflowers symbolize joy, warmth, confidence and intellect. So you can go with just these, wrapped up in a nice wrapping paper or a fancy vase.If you want to pair it up with other flowers the color yellow might seem difficult to match, but you can go with orange or white roses and lavender fillers as well. 

Whether it is confessing your love, cheering them up or just reviving your relationship, flowers come in handy every single time. So, shower your love and surprise them with romantic flowers.


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