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6 Benefits of Decluttering Your Home Regularly

There comes a time when we find ourselves too overwhelmed with work and life in general that we can’t possibly deal with the household chores. Stuff begins to pile up before our eyes, without us really seeming to notice. And by the time we’re made aware of the mess, it appears too late; clutter has already taken root inside our personal space! Not only is cleaning up a home full of junk incredibly tiresome, but it also takes up a whole lot of time and nerves! Luckily, by decluttering your home regularly, you can prevent yourself from drowning in disorder. You’ll soon come to realize that tidying up on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis comes with a set of benefits.

What Are the Pros of Decluttering Your Home?

Does the idea of regular decluttering seem like too much work? But how about the prospects of removing clutter once it’s gotten entirely out of hand? Doesn’t the latter seem a thousand times worse?

Ridding yourself of unnecessary items isn’t only about getting your house in order. It’s also about getting your mind, your thoughts in the right place. Here, we’ve come up with six additional arguments supporting the idea of timely decluttering. Whether or not you’ll make use of them, however, is entirely up to you!

Improved Finances

How often have you bought something, thinking you might need it someday? Significant time has passed, and the day hasn’t come yet, has it? Well, I don’t want to be the one to burst your bubble, but chances are that if you haven’t had the opportunity to use it until now, you probably won’t get one. That begs the question: Why hold onto something that has no purpose but to occupy space? Isn’t it wiser to sell it while it still holds value and, therefore, get a portion of invested money back? While you might not need it, that’s not to say others won’t either. After all, your trash may be someone else’s treasure.

Regular decluttering teaches you to differentiate between valuable items and waste. It also teaches you how to make thoughtful shopping decisions and, thus, minimizes the instances of you buying things for no particular reason. Less stuff bought equals less money spent. Yes, it’s that simple!

Easier Decision-Making

Easier Decision-Making - VIPLEAGUE1
It’s far easier to make decisions when you’ve got fewer picks to choose from

Making decisions has never been easier! By decluttering your home often, you ensure it is absolutely free of useless stuff. Let’s take wardrobes, for example. How hard is it to pick an outfit with a closet full of clothing items? It’s an absolute nightmare, let me tell you! Despite you thinking you know exactly what you want to wear, you are never quite sure of your choice. It does the opposite of boosting your confidence, plus it’s a waste of precious minutes you could be spending doing something else. With fewer choices, making up your mind is drastically simpler, and the time it takes you to get ready is significantly cut.

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Easier Maintenance

When you throw out everything before it turns into a disastrous pile of junk, you essentially simplify your life. Now it’s up to you to keep up with maintenance; keep discarding unused items from time to time, and therefore, improve your home’s functionality. Of course, having less stuff around doesn’t necessarily mean your house will be neat. As a matter of fact, a place free of clutter can just as quickly get disorganized. However, it’s definitely faster to tidy up, which is enough to spare you the headache in the long run! And when the time comes to move house, packing and cleaning will be so much easier. If you want to go the extra mile, you can use some eco-friendly methods when cleaning, like using lemon juice and vinegar instead of harsh chemicals.

More Space

Here’s an obvious one! Dealing with the mess means you’ll be left with more space. More living space or that for things that actually matter! It’s up to you to choose whether the unnecessary items will make it into a dumpster, a donation center, or Craigslist.

Want to take up regular decluttering but aren’t sure whether you can accomplish it by yourself? Well, you certainly can! As long as you approach the process with a plan in mind, it’s entirely possible to do it like a true professional! You don’t have to do it all at once, either. Just start slowly, set realistic goals, work room-by-room, and you should be good to go!

Finding Forgotten Treasures

Are you aware that a typical American spends as much as two and a half days every year looking for lost things? Some reports also note that people, as a whole, actually spend somewhere around 3 billion dollars a year buying the same stuff they can’t find! If only we were more productive.

A computer desk full of clutter - VIPLEAGUE1
After you’ve taken up decluttering, you are bound to stumble upon lost treasures

But you can be! If you start decluttering your home regularly, you’ll no longer deal with misplaced belongings. Sooner or later, you will find everything you thought was gone for good!

Kissing the Stress Goodbye

You may not fully realize it, but clutter is a massive cause of stress. Certain studies show that women are especially prone to clutter-induced anxiety. Having junk all around causes a spike in cortisol levels, otherwise known as a stress hormone. This, in turn, can make them jumpy and lead to not entirely intentional episodes of lashing out. Episodes during which the negative energy gets transferred to the rest of the household. This can severely strain the relationships between family members and create an environment nobody likes being in.

Luckily, the undesirable situation is easily avoidable by ridding yourself of unnecessary items on time! Without clutter, you’ll have one less thing to worry about, or rather, one less thing causing your cortisol to go out of whack.

A home absolutely free of clutter - VIPLEAGUE1
By decluttering your home regularly, you ensure you’ll need less time maintaining it in pristine condition

Many people get discouraged from resolving the mess either because they lack the time or think the process of doing so is tedious. In reality, neither of the two is the case. Decluttering your home regularly takes just a fraction of time compared to a full-on clean-up! Additionally, enlisting the help of your loved ones can easily turn the undertaking into a fun family experience. An experience to bond over!

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